Aero-Therm interior 30 Liters

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Aero-Therm interieur 30 liter
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 Aero-Therm interior is THE practical alternative to internal wall insulation.

With Aero-Therm interior you ensure a faster heating-up time of your home, your heat stays in your home longer and thus reduces your energy requirement, so that you can realize an energy saving of up to 35%!

Aero-Therm interior is an insulation coating, which is applied to your inside of your walls in a 1 mm thick layer. As a rule, this coating is still treated with a thin plaster. The latter gives the Aero-Therm layer greater protection against damage without losing its unique properties.

Consumption: 1 liter per m² (if the surface is smooth / flat and the layer thickness of 1 mm is used)

We recommend using a primer on the surface on which you want to apply Aero-Therm, to guarantee adhesion.

Aero-Therm is applied by using a 6 mm toothed trowel and then smoothed with the smooth side at an angle of 30 °.

The layer thickness of 1 mm can be closely monitored by using the layer thickness messurement.

Click here for an apply video:

Technical data:

- Composition:                      Aerogel, glassbeads, dispersion, additives

- Packaging:                           30 Liters

- Size:                                      400x400 mm

- Weight:                                15.5 Kg

- Certification:                       VÚPS, TZÚS

Technical sheet as PDF :

Product advantage:

+ Saving space, only 1 mm thick coating required!!

+ Water based, so no nasty fumes and odors

+ Energy saving up to 35% possible!


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